Lahore Qalandar Team Logo, Squad and Fixtures Update:

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) has created ripples on the world cricket before its arrival as the cricket lovers frenzy is at its peak. The PSL T20 2016 will be the biggest and most interesting matches in the history of Pakistani cricket starting from 4th February, 2016.Five teams are taking part in the League and Lahore Qalandar is one of them. 

The exhibition of the Lahore Qalandar’s logo was held last Sunday during a magnificent ceremony; the beautiful anthem of the team was also be played.  Owned by Fawad Rana CEO of Qatar Lubricants Company Limited, the franchise was purchased for $2.4 Million. Representing the city Lahore,Paddy Upton is the Head Coach of the team.


The team logo for Lahore Qalandars is red and white in colour, where three wickets emerge from a cricket ball evolving into a ‘dancing qalandar’ with a turban. The logo reads Dama Dam Mast at the end, representing the true essence of the Lahori team.

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